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Blog Update!!

Just a quick note to let you know that I’ve moved the blog contents to our website:


Our whole site is now based on blog technology so you can leave comments etc and you can also subscribe to the site so new posts are sent straight to your email box.

We’ve added quite a lot of content since I last updated this site here on wordpress.  I’m doing a daily Tarot ‘horoscope’ reading on podcast and Paul has his Agony Wizard column.

Please adjust your book marks and find us on our main site – www.wizardandwitch.com

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Beltane and bloody finger

I’m not having the best of days today. It’s May Day, the sun is shining (haven’t seen that for a while) and everything is going, well not wrong but not quite right either.

www.witchshop.co.ukMy sons are home from school today due to elections and they’ve done nothing but sqaubble. I’ve taken them swimming and I’m trying very hard not to utter those two words on the tip of every parent’s tongue “never again”. My daughter who turns 6 months next weeks has learnt to roll over which has turned her into a rage-aholic. So I have boys arguing and daughter screaming – not good for the Chi.

Clients are coming to me to sort out problems I thought were finished. Every project I begin seems to take at least 3 times as long as I had originally planned so I’m looking at working into the evening (again).

And to top it all I made lunch and sliced the top of my finger instead of the bread. Blood everywhere and I now have a middle finger all plastered up.

But on the good side Paul and I have finished rewriting Witch Shop to be our main site for spells. At the moment there are 69 spells to choose from but that’s only because there are another 12 or so I haven’t yet put up. If you want to take a peak please go to www.witchshop.co.uk You can get a FREE Spell so it’s worth spending a couple of minutes taking a look. Also, if you want to have a look at the spells we offer but don’t want to be online you can download our spell-menu (pdf).

Enjoy your May Day 🙂



Busy, busy, busy

It’s been a while since I last blogged.  Time has just whizzed by as usual so I’ll give you all a quick update of what Paul and I have been doing.

Well, HypnoMinutes has taken a large portion of time up.  We’ve got our Weight Loss series up and running plus some of the Get Sexy range.  Even though I have a Diploma in Hypnotherapy, I had pretty much taken a back seat with the hypnosis side of business because my skills were needed getting our online shop up and running.  BUT that’s all working now so I’ve stepped up and done a HypnoMinute!

It’s a FREE mp3 for all of us who are afraid to bare all (well, perhaps not all) for Summer.  So why not go to HypnoMinutes and download my Summer Swimsuit Confidence Hypnominute?

Paul and I are also studying together for another Hypnosis qualification.  That accounts for another chunk of time.

I’m also putting together a range of hypnosis mp3s for psychic development which I’m very excited about.  These are going to be in our new Wizard and Witch shop (more work!!)

Oh, and then there was half term which meant entertaining the boys!

No wonder I sleep well at night!



HypnoMinutes is launched!

HypnoMinutesI am very proud to say that Paul’s new Hypnotherapy products are now available.  After several months of hard work HypnoMinutes is  now live 🙂

He’s created five self hypnosis sessions that last only 3 minutes but are packed full of all the suggestions you need to help lose weight. 

As someone who’s struggled with my own weight since a teen I can thoroughly recommend the products.  Since I’ve been helping with the technical side and have been listening to the mp3s to make sure they’re perfect I do find myself choosing healthier foods, drinking more and looking forward to walking the dog 🙂

This is just the first step as he has other series planned such as attracting abundance and stop smoking. 

If you’d like to try HypnoMinutes then you can get a free relaxation session from Paul’s website – www.hypnominutes.com – plus an instant confidence booster.  Let me know how you get on!



Bringing a little magick to the office


I work from home running my own businesses and since we moved to our new house I’ve taken over the conservatory as my office space.  Paul and I have always been very clear that our home has to be multi-functional – it has to combine business and family – so during the day I use our dining table.  If I’m reading for a client it gets covered in Tarot cards, pendulums and candles.  If I’m working on websites then the table becomes my desk with my lap top, sometimes printer and a cup of coffee to hand.   When it’s time to stop then everything gets packed away and family life commences.

I love my adopted working area.  It’s light, airy and puts me right in nature without getting wet and cold.  I’m more creative, inspired and happy.  I’ve attached a couple of photos – one of my ‘office’ area and my daily view of the garden (as taken last month before even more flowers bloomed). 



It hasn’t always been this way.  From the age of 17 to last year, just before I turned 34 last year I worked in an office.  I stayed at one place for 15 years and can’t really say I enjoyed it very much (note to self:  stupid, stupid, stupid) then I worked for a small organisation where I had an office to myself.

As I became more involved in my spiritual path I really disliked the whole office environment – the artificial lighting, windows that don’t open, endless chatter, constant telephone calls – it’s really not the best place to be content and creative. 

So I began to bring little piece of myself into the office.  I put little pieces of clear quartz around my computer, changed my computer desktop to something more personal to me, had calendars of nature scenes and added photos of my children.  At one time I even had a little plant.  I’d also do some room cleansing when I had a few moments to myself.

Doing small things like this can make a big difference to your attitude of being in an office. It helps energy flow which then lifts your spirits and enhances your creativity.

So if you’re working in an office, give it a try.  What do you have to lose?



FREE Tarot Reading

I just thought I’d let you know that I’m running a monthly competition for a free Tarot reading with me.

You can ask as many questions as you want and I’ll answer as many as I can (it’s a TarotMinute reading – go to www.tarotminutes.com to see what’s it’s all about).

All you have to do is send an email to me via freereading@tarotminutes.com and I’ll enter you into the draw. Just make sure you put your name in the email so I know who to contact!

Good luck