About Us

LynPaul and I live in Gosport, Hampshire (near Portsmouth). We have an already full house with us, 2 sons Daniel & Jake (aged 8 & 9), baby Tabitha plus an energetic Lurcher who resembles a whippet when wet and a fluff ball when dry. As an untraditional family, there are also 3 children in America to add to our family 🙂

Our life together has been a whirlwind from the time we met and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any!! Both Paul Pauland I are qualified complementary therapists and we run a successful healing practice, Awaken2Life (Paul is more involved than I at the moment). I also have a background in IT and Secretarial Skills so, with Paul as my partner, I run a Virtual Assistant company (www.rosmerta.co.uk).  We’ve also added some new projects for 2008 – HypnoMinutes and TarotMinutes.

To any one that visits us at home it’s clear to see that our passions lie in both the healing arts and the magickal world just by looking at our book shelves! Our everyday life is filled with magick of one sort of another (don’t worry though it’s never black). I enjoy spending time in the kitchen and pride myself on being a kitchen witch 🙂 Paul jokes that I’m the UK version of Betty Crocker! Paul joins me regularly in the kitchen to cook family dinners but you’re just as likely to find him with his nose in a book researching or writing at his computer.

We have an impressive collection of Tarot decks – I think we’re up to about 70 now but to be honest I’ve lost count. We also have oodles of oracles, countless pendulums and crystals galore. Everything we own, we use (although not all at once!).

What do we do when we have time to relax? Well, we both enjoy reading and we’ve just worked our way through the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series. We both enjoy a good fiction book with a metaphysical slant. We are in the last few chapters of reading the last Harry Potter book to the boys. We read just about anything to do with the Craft, paranormal and healing arts. We also like board games, puzzles and we’re trying really hard to master Sudokos!

Given the opportunity we head outside whatever the weather. We enjoy walking and relish the time spent in nature – that’s where we easily find beauty and magick.



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