2 of Pentacles, The Hanged Man & 9 of Wands

If I had to write about the last 24 hours with using only three Tarot cards then I can sum it up quite nicely with the above.

My son Daniel shut his finger in a door and lost the finger nail and tip.  As this was a Sunday afternoon we had planned to play games, go to the park and cook as a family. 

Drum roll for card number one…… 2 of Pentacles.  Everything up in the air and plans needed to be redrawn as a trip to hospital was needed.

A visit to A&E is never the most pleasant of experiences so I tried my best to have a serene expression of patience like the Hanged Man.  There was a lot of waiting and hanging around. 

Eventually the doctor decided that as no bones were broken he could do no more than refer us to another hospital with a specialist in plastic surgery.  We had an appointment for 10.30 this morning.  More waiting.

The specialist was running late for our appointment by 1 and a half hours so we had to sit in A&E again waiting for our time to come up.  We saw him and he sent Daniel for another x-ray….then we saw the doctor again.

Luckily Daniel didn’t need to have an operation as it will heal on it’s own minus the finger nail.  So he’s bandaged and a little dented like the 9 of Wands but lives to fight on another day (and hopefully he’s wiser about messing around with doors with his brother!!).



Why should I pay a Reader

Hello all,

While sitting with my son in the A&E wing of the hospital, I was looking back and considering what various people have said and this topic came to mind. 

Along the mystical path that I walk, I have encountered many points of view.  Some of them are enlightened and blessings to hear while others are not so.  One that always makes me a bit sad is the one that insists that readers and healers should give their skills absolutely free.  The reasoning goes that the gifts come from the Divine freely and so they should be given freely. 

In a world where money is not needed in order to survive, I would have to agree (though I would not limit it to healers and readers).  I would say that everyone should give all their skills freely.  In that manner everyone would benefit from everyone.  There would be no worries about food, lodgings, medical care, etc.  However, this is not the idealistic world that we live in.  Healers and Readers have the same need to support their families as doctors, lawyers, and builders.  Strangely, we would not expect these professions to perform their services for free.  Do we have these high expectations for these professions because we acknowledge them as enlightened?  Yet, at the end of the day, even enlightened people must eat and pay bills.

Don’t misunderstand what I have said above.  I think that all professions have a duty to their fellow man and the Earth, and with that duty they should do a fair amount of charity work.  But, readers and healers have the same demands as all other professions on their lives, so why should more be expected of them?

To a person that has a good heart I would suggest this.  If you truly do not have the money to pay a healer or reader, offer them a useful service that will benefit them in return for their craft.  Most healers and readers I know will not turn down a fair trade of services. 



Sit back and wait

I remember several years ago I did a reading for a lady who was disappointed because she’d been to a medium and had been promised wonderful, wonderful things for the autumn and nothing had happened.  She came to me because she no longer believed what the medium had told her and was looking for reassurance.

I laid out the cards and they showed a very promising future.  In fact, I backed up what the medium had told her… brilliant things ahead.

And yet she became argumentative and rude to me because I mentioned that she would have to put in some effort to get the rewards.  She didn’t want to hear that for her to improve her life she would have to work for it.  If she’d followed my advice then she would have everything promised in the cards by now.  Instead, I expect she is still waiting for the changes to happen all by themselves and feeling frustrated that her life is stagnating.

The Tarot is a wonderful tool for pointing you in the right direction through life – you can see the sign posts and walk a magnificent path.  It can aid you in making right decisions and help you to see pitfalls before you actually reach them.

But to reap the rewards of a Tarot reading you have to be prepared to listen to the wisdom given and follow it.  If you choose to ignore the advice and just trot from reader to reader searching for an easier answer then you have to be prepared not to live life to the full.

So remember, a fantastic life is their waiting for you but to make it happen it’s down to you 🙂


Fool, Rebel, or Conqueror?

Good morning everyone,

I am in my office finishing up records and preparing for the week end.  I do not know if any of you have been counting, but this week had at least fifty days to it=)  I am truly drained.

I wanted to dedicate my last few swimming thoughts to my personal hero “The Fool”.

He is depicted in the Rider Waite deck as an androgynous character keeping his/her eyes skyward and heading straight for a drop that will leave him/her beyond recognition.  The response from most people at this point would tend to be along the lines of, “Oh my God…don’t do it man/woman (boy girl?….lol) !!  You’ll kill yourself!!”  And if this person did not respond and walked off the cliff they would say “What an idiot!!!  He was either too stupid or too rebellious for his own good!!”

Though the above reaction makes sense if you apply a strictly logical analysis to the situation.  This morning I would like to challenge you to focus your logic in another direction.  What do you suppose would happen to our young person if he never jumped?  “He would be alive and whole”, you might say.  I agree that he/she indeed would be guaranteed life (though the length of it would still be unknown); but would it truly be whole?  An unbroken body does not guarantee true wholeness. 

My point in this is that if we commit 100% of self to our dream two things are guaranteed: 

  1. An adventure which holds no promises begins (if we do not plummet to our deaths we will learn as we go along).
  2. Most people will see us as a rebel or fool

We will never learn the truth about ourselves or our dreams unless we jump.  It is therefore my belief that once our feet leave the security of the ground and we defy all the laws we become conquerors (if only for a brief second).  Isn’t better to live as a shooting star than a stagnant always wondering at what you could have done soul?



Angry and Argumentative are we?

Good morning all,

As a well seasoned Tarot reader I have come upon clients that love to argue about everything (from the clothes I wear to the interpretations of the cards).  I find them to be quite amusing now and I have fun parrying with them until they either relax or go off in a huff (this is very rare because even an ill tempered client wants help or s/he would not be sitting in front of you). 

So today I would like to share some thoughts on how to professionally and diplomatically deal with an argumentative soul.

  1. Remember the client is hurting or s/he would not be so wound up.  In 99.8% of cases hurt will quickly turn to anger because it is difficult for the client to admit to the internal pain (it makes him/her feel weak).
  2. Concentrate on getting them to open up so you can effectively work with the source of the pain rather than upon their often crude language.
  3. Keep a smile on your face, a relaxed stance, and an interested gleam in your eye (remember that 55% of our communication is judged by facial expression and body posture).
  4. Keep the tone of your voice mellow and caring (this is 37% of how your communication is received).
  5. Finally, attempt to match and respond with the type of words that the client uses (visual, auditory, or kinaesthetic).  This is only 7% of how your communication is viewed, but it can be an impressive 7% if you have applied the above as well).

As with all effective formulas, it must be practised and perfected in the soul of each practitioner before you gain outstanding percentages.  However, you will be amazed at how well this one works even the first time.



Death…. oh no, not again!

I can hear people such in a deep breath and look mortified whenever the Death card appears in a spread.  Then the panic sets in and the question ‘am I going to die’ springs to their lips.

The media has not helped the hysteria surrounding this card and I believe it is partly why people are scared of the Tarot.  As a Tarot Reader, it’s important that I set the facts straight with my clients.

Ok, first Death can mean death.  It’s inevitable and will happen to each and everyone of us someday.  However, that is the most extreme meaning and looking at it from a logical perspective, it is not very likely that it does foretell the Grim Reaper’s visit.

The Death card indicates a change.  A change which is coming whether you like it or not but not in the drastic, stressful way that the Tower predicts.

Change is something that scares the living daylights (no pun intended) out of most people but when they can look back with hindsight at the period in their life when the change occured they can see it happended for a reason and the change brought new rewards.

So, next time the Death card comes up in your reading, don’t go into a panic.  Ask yourself what areas of your life need changing (or are changing) and how you can benefit  from the different circumstances it will bring about.

Remember, Death doesn’t have to be grim 😉



Why do I need you?

Good morning all from the strangely sultry land that I hardly recognise as England,

I am sitting in my sweltering office dreaming, believe it or not, of clouds and fresh torrents of rain.

Today’s thought came from years of people asking me this question on many levels (children turning into young adults, clients, employers, and the list goes on). 

To this point I have always thought of a contextual answer, but this morning as I thought about it this question took on a cosmic vibration.  Why am I needed now in this place and this time (whatever your definition for this is) and for that matter why are you?

We are needed because collectively we are a body created to experience and give back to the Universe.  Each one of us, whether we choose to accept the mission or not, has a part to play to this end.  Every life is vital and important.  It does not matter whether most of the body feels your part is insignificant.  Without you and me there is no future. That is why I need you and you need me. 

So, next time someone asks you, “Why do I need you?” don’t answer in context let them know the complete reason=)



Machine or Reader

Good morning all,

While Lyn and I work to update and enhance our site I have had to do a great deal of re-reading articles.  I came upon one that I wrote about a year ago entitled “Man versus Machine”.  At first I was not going to list it in the new archives because I admittedly was rather abrupt in some places, but I changed my mind because I feel the main points are still relevant.  However, I wanted to add a more balanced look at the ways that you can receive a reading in this rushed world that is bursting in technology.  So lets look at the pros and the cons of getting a reading via a random generating machine.


  • Does not cost much– Much? Oops, perhaps I should have said anything.  There are literally   hundreds of freebies out there when it comes to random card generators.  You can use them on the net or download one to use at your own leisure.  To add to the thrill you can get them with your favourite deck built in and with the capability to do a number of spreads.

  • Can get an answer within seconds – There is literally no down time.  No more waiting to book time with your reader.

  • Anonymity factor– No one but you has to know that you are getting a reading.

  • Can get a reading 24/7– A generator has no need to sleep or take holidays.  Therefore you can always trust it to be ready to take your requests (provided of course that there is not a power cut for whatever reason).


  • Interpretation is up to you solely– Though normally this is a good thing when you are in your right mind, please remember that often you will choose to consult the Tarot when situations have you stressed to the max.  This is rarely, if ever, a good time to confront your position all by yourself.
  • A machine has no experience or training– When you are in a stuck state and you are clueless as what to do, you need an objective person to guide you to options that you are to overwrought to see.  This requires a person with experience and training.
  • A machine gives a one dimensional answer and cannot help you to see how it can be creatively applied to your situation– This means that you could get a stock answer that does not have a thing to do with your situation.
  • A machine cannot give feedback- You must decide what to do without being able to bounce ideas off of someone.

Bottom line to me now is this, “Both Machines and Readers have an important role to play.  However, the person electing to get a reading must think carefully before s/he chooses which would most effectively meet her/his needs.  I believe the most important question should be, “Am I in a state of mind that I can interpret the advice from the Divine?”  Answer with care brothers and sisters, or you may find yourself in unnecessary pain.



Relationship not tools

Hello all,

Lyn and I are back from a lovely weekend in Salisbury.  We spent Sunday exploring the chapel there.  I have been several times, but the place is so beautiful that I cannot stay away from it.

Today I wanted to share a few words on divination tools.  I am quite often amused to hear someone saying that one tool is better than another when it comes to the art of divination.  Though I would expect this kind of cod swallop from unethical salespeople that want to sell their product, I would expect better from people that are actually ethical practitioners of the ancient art.  Unfortunately, it appears that a good number of very sincere practitioners innocently believe what they have been told by either unethical or truly ignorant individuals.

The truth is that one tool is not better than another.  Divination depends on the relationship of the questioner with the Divine.  If no relationship exists then the predictions are poor.  It is honestly that simple.  Let me stress this point again:  whether you use a practitioner of the ancient arts to divine for you or you do so for yourself, the information that is revealed will only be reliable if there is a relationship with the Divine.

So choose the tool that jives with you personally (whether that is because of culture, beauty, beliefs….etc) and after being sure that there is a link with the Divine learn the mysteries that S/he will reveal.



More thoughts on “I am”

Good morning all,

 I have some more thoughts on what I only had the chance to touch on the other day.  When I shared with Lyn that I was going to write a continuation of yesterdays piece, she gave me a very Cheshire grin and asked me if I would call it “I Am Again”.  Now is that support or what?

 While I was catching a spreckle of telly to unwind by the other day I caught a commercial where all of these different ladies are coming out in various looks and saying, “I am….”.  They filled in the end of the sentence with various words.  I never pay any attention to commercials and I only got the “I am” part to this one.  So please note that I am not endorsing the product=)  I am still clueless to what it was.  My hats off to the writers though…they took the greatest concept in this existence and ran with it.

I implore you to look in the mirror each day and say, “I am…..” (fill in the space with a positive fact about yourself) then watch how it will resonate throughout your entire being and affect your day.  Master this art and you will become a true magician.  You will find that circumstances will play to your expectations because you know who you are.