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It’s my birthday….and I’m venting

Today I officially hit my mid 30s – am now the ripe old age of 35!  Birthdays always seem to be a bittersweet affair for me and thus far (bearing in mind that it’s only 8.30 am) it’s been more bitter than sweet.  I’m hoping to get all the bad bits out of the way so I can have a fantastic day.

Usually I’m excited about my birthday and I’ll chatter about it for weeks in advance but this year I thought I’d just keep quiet.  Everyone forgot mother’s day this year – life went on as usual.  No cards, no presents, no cake, nothing.

My eldest has been counting down the days to my birthday but there was no ‘happy birthday’ this morning.  Bearing in mind that he’s almost 10 it wouldn’t have been such a hard feat.  My younger son totally forgot and  when Daniel said something to him he just said ‘I’m really into my book’.  It’s like a repeat of Mother’s day.

Paul got me a card which was really sweet and we’re going to do something special today.  I want to go to Portsmouth to walk around Gunwharf Quays and venture to the Spice Island pub.  But it’s been so windy and wet that I’m not sure if we’ll go (it’s a good arm workout trying to keep the buggy from not running away in these high winds though).  I also want to go bowling too (I’m a little bit addicted) and that’s not determined by the weather.

I read yesterday on the Times website that the key to a good marriage is giving your all and expecting nothing in return.  Motherhood, I guess, is just the same.

Still, it hurts 😦



A web monkey or what?

Weight Loss That WorksOMG it’s been a busy few days again.  I’ve been working on new projects and also revamping our websites. 

 We’ve decided to completely remove our Awaken2Life site and begin again – so that’s now up with just details of what we do and Paul’s weight loss special offer.  He’s been working hard on the mp3 series so I was proud to do the little graphic for it!

I’ve also put together a brand new site called Tarot Minutes where I’m offering readings recorded on mp3 for you.  Quick, easy and fits int your life (rather than make an appointment, travel there, travel home etc.). 

The next to revamp will be All About Tarot and our Wizard and Witch needs some work too.

Well, back to work – no rest for the wicked 😉



Happy Valentine’s Day

Today Paul and I celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary and I’m so excited!

We’re going to spend the day in Portsmouth then have to be home to pick up the boys from school. We’re going to go bowling (I’m addicted) and maybe for something to eat. I’ve made a cake plus some fairy cakes for the boys lunch.

This weekend we’re going away for a few days to the New Forest.  We haven’t been away since our wedding day so it’s a special treat.

Enjoy your very own Valentine’s day whether you are with someone special or just special yourself 🙂



Purging the Past

Paul and I moved house in December.  We moved away from the area I grew up in to somewhere completely new.  We don’t know the area and we have no friends or family here.  I’ve left behind my past, a broken family and an ex husband.  Everything here is new.

When we packed our boxes we threw away everything that wasn’t us anymore or had sour memories attached to it.  Both Paul and I gave up things that were precious to us at one time or another.  There were some items that I kept but when I reached my new home I wasn’t sure I wanted them anymore.  I really wanted nothing left with any reminders: a total clean break.

Paul persuaded me to keep some statue elephants (I love elephants) given to me as a birthday gift from my ex mother in law and a set of Russian dollies given to me by my mother on return from a holiday (I had wanted the dollies since I was a little girl).

I’m grateful I listened to Paul as I really do love both the elephants and the Russian dollies.  So the question is – can you really purge the past and, truly, do you ever want to?



Intuitional Tarot

I learned Tarot the hard way.

I bought a deck and I bought many books.  I poured over the meanings and used other people’s interpretations of the cards for my readings.  To begin with I would use Joan Bunning’s excellent ‘Learn Tarot’ book and go through the meaning of a particular card until I found one that just ‘fit’.  That was as daring as I was prepared to go with my intuition.  I was worried about letting things flow and getting it wrong.

Now many years later I realise that I made it a lot harder than it could have been.  There’s nothing wrong with the way I taught myself and if that works for you then great 🙂  But the cards should be a tool to get in touch with your subconscious and a means to find the subtle answers of life.  Once you trust your intuition and let yourself meld with the images on the cards then you can gain insight that no book can ever teach you.

As a beginner I believed that the cards had certain meanings attached to them and I used them instead of any pictorial representation that the card may have.  As I developed my skills I forgot about the traditional meanings and, instead, used the images of the cards.  When I read the Tarot it is not limited to set number of keywords.  Each time I look at the image on a card my intuition pulls new insights into focus and the reading is a unique experience.

I’ve been pondering some time over the best way to teach Tarot.  I’ve taught the traditional way i.e. the majors, the minors and spreads but it’s always felt like I’m not unlocking the full potential of my students.  I believe that to become a good Tarot reader you need to unlock your intuition and trust in what you do. And I think I’ve found an excellent way to do so.

I’m not fully ready to reveal what I have planned (I’m about a fifth of the way there) but I’ll keep you posted!