What do you do when a card is stalking you???

Seven of SwordsI have a stalker at the moment.

He’s a fez wearing, sword carrying man with a smug grin on his face.

He seems to be my constant companion. He’s with me when I read for a client; he’s with me when I read for myself.

The Seven of Swords just won’t go away!

So, what do you do when a card is stalking you?

Obviously you can’t just report it to the authorities (as you run the risk of being locked up lol) so you have to deal with the card yourself.  When cards repeat themselves then it’s a sign that you’re not addressing a particular issue.  In my experience, you also don’t really want to deal with whatever the card represents and that is why it keeps coming up.   The Universe is trying, really hard, to get your attention and force you to think about something.  Don’t keep ignoring it because it’s not going away.

Be brave and face your stalker.  It’s the only way to get rid of it!



Nightmare Magick

Just before bedtime one night last week my younger son told me that he was scared to go to bed and he didn’t want to have his own room anymore. This was quite a surprise as he’s always loved not sharing a room with his brother.

I talked to him and it turns out he’s afraid that vampires are going to come into his room and get him. He also said he was having some bad dreams about monsters. He asked if I had a dreamcatcher, which I didn’t so we turned our hand to some very quick magick!

I took a piece of A4 paper, folded it in half (making it like a greeting card) and drew a keep out sign on the front. I listed the things he wanted to keep out of his room – vampires, werewolves, monsters etc. Then I took a clove of garlic from the fridge, cut off the top and drew over the ‘keep out’ sign with it. On the inside I asked Jake to draw a happy picture of himself then I added all the things he wanted to dream about – star wars, lego and Indiana Jones.

We put it up in his bedroom and I haven’t heard any complaints about nightmare or vampires since 🙂



The Empress

Today my mind has been filled with the Empress. I feel that I finally ‘get it’.

The Empress (DruidCraft Tarot)I’ve always enjoyed looking at the serene imagery of Empress as she sits in a field full of nature’s bounty. She’s pregnant, content and happy. She sits waiting patiently for her child to mature in her womb; knowing that nature has everything in hand. There’s no need to worry or fret – everything will happen when it happens and, in the meantime, she is cared for.

I feel very blessed that I have experienced first hand the wonder of this card. During my pregnancy with my daughter I enjoyed every moment. I was in awe of the miracle happening within my own body and I was content to let her take her time to develop. She arrived when she was ready and I was equally ready for her arrival.

You don’t have to be pregnant to appreciate this card. The Empress is a time in your life when you have to give patiently for something to come into fruition. The tender nurturing can be a project, nursing a sick loved one or even a savings scheme! It’s a longer term plan where the results are not immediate.

This time of quiet, steady growth will pass so instead of rushing through life savour every moment. There is something quite beautiful in the stillness that the Empress brings 🙂



Tea Leaf Readings

My great auntie Em used to read the tea leaves. I only learned this after her death and from all accounts she was pretty good at it and had a great time giving readings to family members.

Yesterday the book I ordered on tea leaf reading arrived. I’ve only had a quick look through it as time has been very limited the last few days but I’m intrigued. I’m not sure the complete ins and outs on how to swirl the tea etc. but I know you read the shapes that appear in the tea leafs. This reminds me of how I liked to watch clouds and make pictures from them as a child (ok, I still do it!).

Tasseography is the art of reading the tea leaves although it also applies to coffee grounds and wine sediment.  The practice sprang up independently in the Middle East, Asia and ancient Greece and it is thought that it was brought to the UK by gypsies.  The art was adopted mainly by women in families and it was a popular parlour pursuit fot the Victorians.

If you want to give tea leaf reading a go then a good place to start (i.e. it’s free) is to read Tea Cup Reading and Fortune Telling by Tea Leaves by a Highland Seer

It’s a shame that the introduction of tea bags has almost eradicated this art.  I’m fortunate to have some loose tea at home so I’ll be delving into  tea leaf reading soon.  And there’s always some coffee grounds 🙂  I’ll keep you posted on how my first reading goes.



What can’t be found with a pendulum?

I have just spent a good hour looking for my daughter’s health record book because she has her first inoculations tomorrow and I wanted to be prepared in advance. It wasn’t where I thought I’d left it. It wasn’t in the places I didn’t think I’d left it. I searched, then searched again. I even looked in stupid places such as under the stairs and empty suitcases.

I got incredibly frustrated and annoyed at myself for misplacing such an important document.

Paul noticed how upset I was becoming so he took out his pendulum, went upstairs and about a minute later brought Tabitha’s book down.

The moral of the story is…. if you’ve got a pendulum, use it!! I could have saved over an hour of my time!



Purging the Past

Paul and I moved house in December.  We moved away from the area I grew up in to somewhere completely new.  We don’t know the area and we have no friends or family here.  I’ve left behind my past, a broken family and an ex husband.  Everything here is new.

When we packed our boxes we threw away everything that wasn’t us anymore or had sour memories attached to it.  Both Paul and I gave up things that were precious to us at one time or another.  There were some items that I kept but when I reached my new home I wasn’t sure I wanted them anymore.  I really wanted nothing left with any reminders: a total clean break.

Paul persuaded me to keep some statue elephants (I love elephants) given to me as a birthday gift from my ex mother in law and a set of Russian dollies given to me by my mother on return from a holiday (I had wanted the dollies since I was a little girl).

I’m grateful I listened to Paul as I really do love both the elephants and the Russian dollies.  So the question is – can you really purge the past and, truly, do you ever want to?



Witch Stones

Whenever Paul and I are near the beach or by a river we look out for stones with holes through them. We’ve been calling them witch stones as they are meant to ward off evil spirits and witches. Since we’ve moved to Gosport, and been to the beach numerous times, I’m so far losing the witch stone collection competition 3-10 to Paul.

I’ve done a little research on these stones and have found they have a fascinating history.

Mostly they are known as hagstones and it’s considered incredibly lucky to have one in your possession. The stones are often found near running water which has formed the hole through the stone. As running water is said to be exempt from the effects of magick, stones with holes made naturally also keep the protection of the water.

For centuries people have been wearing the stones around their necks as a protection device for themselves. These stones were also hung from cattle stalls or stable doors to protect livestock from evil influences.

Hagstones were thought to stop milk from curdling especially during a thunderstorm when it was believed spiritual activity was high. Some farmers, in parts of Europe, actually milked their cows so that the milk had to flow through a hagstone thus preventing curdling!

As a medical device, hagstones were often placed under a bed to relieve rheumatism cramps. If a hagstone was hung at the end of the bed it was thought that it would stop nightmares and prevent stomach pains associated with hags or witches entering the bedroom at night and jumping on the sleeper’s stomach!!



Intuitional Tarot

I learned Tarot the hard way.

I bought a deck and I bought many books.  I poured over the meanings and used other people’s interpretations of the cards for my readings.  To begin with I would use Joan Bunning’s excellent ‘Learn Tarot’ book and go through the meaning of a particular card until I found one that just ‘fit’.  That was as daring as I was prepared to go with my intuition.  I was worried about letting things flow and getting it wrong.

Now many years later I realise that I made it a lot harder than it could have been.  There’s nothing wrong with the way I taught myself and if that works for you then great 🙂  But the cards should be a tool to get in touch with your subconscious and a means to find the subtle answers of life.  Once you trust your intuition and let yourself meld with the images on the cards then you can gain insight that no book can ever teach you.

As a beginner I believed that the cards had certain meanings attached to them and I used them instead of any pictorial representation that the card may have.  As I developed my skills I forgot about the traditional meanings and, instead, used the images of the cards.  When I read the Tarot it is not limited to set number of keywords.  Each time I look at the image on a card my intuition pulls new insights into focus and the reading is a unique experience.

I’ve been pondering some time over the best way to teach Tarot.  I’ve taught the traditional way i.e. the majors, the minors and spreads but it’s always felt like I’m not unlocking the full potential of my students.  I believe that to become a good Tarot reader you need to unlock your intuition and trust in what you do. And I think I’ve found an excellent way to do so.

I’m not fully ready to reveal what I have planned (I’m about a fifth of the way there) but I’ll keep you posted!



Decks of 2007

Last year our Tarot collection didn’t grow as rapidly as previous years. This is mainly due to the fact that we have so many decks and it’s becoming harder to find new ones that we like. However, we did manage to find a few to add to our collection.

Mystic FaeryI bought the Mystic Faerie Tarot and the Circle of Life decks in December. I have to admit that I’ve only read with the Mystic Faery once and not at all with the Circle of Life (due to lack of time and not anything wrong with the decks).

Paul fell in love with the Tarot of the Elves during the summer and this became his reading favourite for a while. He also bought the Sensual Wicca deck which is OK although I found it not very sensual and not particularly very Wicca!

I can’t remember any other decks we purchased. And still, even as our collection grows, I go back to my old favourites for reading namely the bog standard Rider Waite and the Universal Waite.



What happened during 2007???

Well, as you can see from the blog it’s been ages since either Paul or myself got ourselves logged in and entered anything here.  There is so much to tell about 2007 and now I’ve got to squeeze it into a short entry!  Here goes….

  • I gave up my office job in early 2007 to become self employed.  I used my IT and secretarial skills to set up a small company which I run around both family and other (i.e. magickal) commitments.
  • In February I found out I was pregnant and on 9th November Tabitha Rose made her debut into the world.
  • We decided it was time to move house so we left behind London and headed for Hampshire.

We’ve also revamped our website All About Tarot and given it a new name.  It’s now wizardandwitch.com.  We have expanded our services to include not only Tarot but magick too.

That’s it in a nutshell.  Oh, and one of my resolutions for the New Year is to blog more 😉