An absence

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last blogged – I’m horrified I’ve left it so long!!  I could blame it on Christmas and New Year of course but that excuse wears thin after a while. 

So what have we been up to?

We’ve resurrected our business on eBay which lets us reach a lot more people – take a look at our store – and we’ve been working on some exciting new packages.  The first one we launched via our website and eBay – it’s our Psychic in a Pocket package which is basically a text service we’re providing.  At the moment it’s only in the UK but who knows where it will lead!!

I’ve also been venturing out of the ‘broom’ closet more and offering more Pagan/Wiccan readings and spells.  This is an area we’re going to expand in 2007 with my Witch Shop so that’s exciting 🙂

And we’re working on providing more healing and holistic therapies both in person and over the web.  We definitely plan to have our hands full this year.

Suprisingly since I last blogged we haven’t added to our Tarot collection but that’s mainly because of previously mentioned business and new puppy Aine.  Plus we’re showing considerable constraint from visiting our favourite shops in London.

So that’s my brief message for now – will add more Tarot bits and pieces soon.

With blessings