The Universe Unleashed

Lyn and I have had so many exciting things come into existence over the last couple of months that I literally have to sit down to tell you about just a few of them.  At the end of last month Lyn felt the desire to leave her current work place and dedicate herself fully to Tarot and healing work.  Though I was a bit nervous I gave her my full support to go with her heart and it is amazing what happened.

A List of just a few of the most recent blessings: 

* Opportunities to speak and share are opening both on one to one and group levels in private and large organisations.

* We have spoken at a community centre about both hypnotherapy and EFT healing and had a fantastic response (we are in fact going back to do some more work with interested parties).

* We are never without Tarot counseling to do.  Our web and face to face client base has more than doubled.

* We are in the process of putting together various conferences (both mystical and therapeutic).

* We have been blessed with a growing number of Reiki clients.

* The best and most recent gift from the Universe is that last week we discovered that Lyn is pregnant!!

 For all of these things we are eternally grateful to the Universe.  We feel that none of it would have come into being had we not gone with our intuition. 

 All I can say is that the Universe provides more than we need in miraculous ways when we get out of the way and follow the call.