Yet another blog…..

pagan_kitchen.jpgOne of my greatest loves is cooking.  I’m really content pottering around the kitchen making dinner and creating cakes.  Paul and I cook from scratch every day – my cupboards are filled with ingredients; you won’t find a single ready made sauce or TV dinner in our house.  To me, the kitchen is where the real, everyday magick is done.

I set myself several goals this year.  One of them was to revamp my pendulum book (tick that one off) and another was to write a practical kitchen witch book.  Well, I’ve begun my book!!!  To keep me on track I’ve started a new blog dedicated to kitchen witchery – I’d love you to come and have a peek!

Being a kitchen witch isn’t just about being a dab hand with a whisk and a palette knife. It’s about reconnecting with the Earth through her wonderful bounty (what is more glorious than fresh ingredients) and using them to create and nourish. It’s also about learning – knowing the healing and magickal properties of herbs – and using the knowledge to benefit yourself and other.  It’s about creating magick and it’s about having fun!

I love being a Kitchen Witch!




Dowsing divination without the pendulum

One of the uses for pendulum dowsing is for divination.  You can ask questions about the future (as well as present and past if you like) and let the pendulum respond in a yes or no fashion.  It can be really handy when you want quick answers that are very direct – there’s no interpretation as in a Rune or Tarot reading.

When you use a pendulum it will swing one way for a positive answer and another way for a negative.  How it swings is completely up to the individual (you can get a ‘yes’ from a side to side movement and a ‘no’ for a circular motion or vice versa) although some dowsers say it’s best if you can program the pendulum.  That is another story, or blog, altogether though.

So as you can see pendulum dowsing is very easy.  It can also be done without a pendulum!

One theory about pendulum dowsing is that the pendulum responds to questions by very subtle muscle movements in the dowser.  This theory is also behind muscle testing – the body will respond in a certain way to truthful statements and be weaker for false statements. 

You can use muscle testing instead of a pendulum.  It’s quite easy but can take a little practice to become good at it.

Rub your thumb and forefinger together.  Pay attention to the movement then ask a question to which you know the answer.  For example ‘am I wearing a green top?’  If you really are wearing a green top then you won’t notice a change in the rubbing movement of your thumb and finger.  But if you aren’t adorned in green today you’ll notice a change in motion.  Sometimes it can feel like your finger becomes sticky.

It’s very easy to dowse without a pendulum and it’s very discreet.  Quite useful when you want to find out if people are telling you fibs 😉