Is it expensive to be a witch?

witchstuff.jpgwitchstuff.jpgI remember a while ago being asked to read for a lady who had just decided to come out of the broom closet and declare herself a witch. Much kudos to her, I thought. Then she asked me if I could only charge her half my normal fee because she was buying all the stuff she needed to be a witch and didn’t really have enough money to pay me. Grrrrrrrr…….

witchstuff.jpgShe said she needed an athame, a chalice, a robe, an altar cloth etc. etc. I politely explained to her that although it’s lovely to have all of the items she listed it isn’t necessary. The roots of witchcraft lie in practicality; especially since the burning times when witches were forced to go underground in order to avoid persecution.

There are so many things lying around your home that can be used in rituals or you can easily pick up items at a supermarket. It isn’t how much things cost or whether you bought them from a New Age store – it’s if your ritual items are special to you.

I’ve found charity shops to be a great source of chalices. People seem to love giving away the odd silver goblet which usually just need a good clean to be restored to their former glory (don’t bother with silver cleaners – toothpaste works a charm).

Need an athame or boline? You can find knives with different coloured handles in supermarkets and cooking shops.

If you don’t have a fortune to buy a want then make your own. A piece of quartz crystal (inexpensive) can be tied with string around a stick and there’s always plenty of those lying around the park.

With just a little imagination you can have everything you need. It won’t cost a fortune and it will all be special to you.




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  1. This artical was helpful. I thought you didn’t need much suplies from a store anyway. you maybe be able to use a fish bowl turn it upside down to make a crystal ball. Can be creative.
    Thanks for your help . I am still learning.

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