Yet another blog…..

pagan_kitchen.jpgOne of my greatest loves is cooking.  I’m really content pottering around the kitchen making dinner and creating cakes.  Paul and I cook from scratch every day – my cupboards are filled with ingredients; you won’t find a single ready made sauce or TV dinner in our house.  To me, the kitchen is where the real, everyday magick is done.

I set myself several goals this year.  One of them was to revamp my pendulum book (tick that one off) and another was to write a practical kitchen witch book.  Well, I’ve begun my book!!!  To keep me on track I’ve started a new blog dedicated to kitchen witchery – I’d love you to come and have a peek!

Being a kitchen witch isn’t just about being a dab hand with a whisk and a palette knife. It’s about reconnecting with the Earth through her wonderful bounty (what is more glorious than fresh ingredients) and using them to create and nourish. It’s also about learning – knowing the healing and magickal properties of herbs – and using the knowledge to benefit yourself and other.  It’s about creating magick and it’s about having fun!

I love being a Kitchen Witch!




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