It’s my birthday….and I’m venting

Today I officially hit my mid 30s – am now the ripe old age of 35!  Birthdays always seem to be a bittersweet affair for me and thus far (bearing in mind that it’s only 8.30 am) it’s been more bitter than sweet.  I’m hoping to get all the bad bits out of the way so I can have a fantastic day.

Usually I’m excited about my birthday and I’ll chatter about it for weeks in advance but this year I thought I’d just keep quiet.  Everyone forgot mother’s day this year – life went on as usual.  No cards, no presents, no cake, nothing.

My eldest has been counting down the days to my birthday but there was no ‘happy birthday’ this morning.  Bearing in mind that he’s almost 10 it wouldn’t have been such a hard feat.  My younger son totally forgot and  when Daniel said something to him he just said ‘I’m really into my book’.  It’s like a repeat of Mother’s day.

Paul got me a card which was really sweet and we’re going to do something special today.  I want to go to Portsmouth to walk around Gunwharf Quays and venture to the Spice Island pub.  But it’s been so windy and wet that I’m not sure if we’ll go (it’s a good arm workout trying to keep the buggy from not running away in these high winds though).  I also want to go bowling too (I’m a little bit addicted) and that’s not determined by the weather.

I read yesterday on the Times website that the key to a good marriage is giving your all and expecting nothing in return.  Motherhood, I guess, is just the same.

Still, it hurts 😦