Nightmare Magick

Just before bedtime one night last week my younger son told me that he was scared to go to bed and he didn’t want to have his own room anymore. This was quite a surprise as he’s always loved not sharing a room with his brother.

I talked to him and it turns out he’s afraid that vampires are going to come into his room and get him. He also said he was having some bad dreams about monsters. He asked if I had a dreamcatcher, which I didn’t so we turned our hand to some very quick magick!

I took a piece of A4 paper, folded it in half (making it like a greeting card) and drew a keep out sign on the front. I listed the things he wanted to keep out of his room – vampires, werewolves, monsters etc. Then I took a clove of garlic from the fridge, cut off the top and drew over the ‘keep out’ sign with it. On the inside I asked Jake to draw a happy picture of himself then I added all the things he wanted to dream about – star wars, lego and Indiana Jones.

We put it up in his bedroom and I haven’t heard any complaints about nightmare or vampires since 🙂




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