The Empress

Today my mind has been filled with the Empress. I feel that I finally ‘get it’.

The Empress (DruidCraft Tarot)I’ve always enjoyed looking at the serene imagery of Empress as she sits in a field full of nature’s bounty. She’s pregnant, content and happy. She sits waiting patiently for her child to mature in her womb; knowing that nature has everything in hand. There’s no need to worry or fret – everything will happen when it happens and, in the meantime, she is cared for.

I feel very blessed that I have experienced first hand the wonder of this card. During my pregnancy with my daughter I enjoyed every moment. I was in awe of the miracle happening within my own body and I was content to let her take her time to develop. She arrived when she was ready and I was equally ready for her arrival.

You don’t have to be pregnant to appreciate this card. The Empress is a time in your life when you have to give patiently for something to come into fruition. The tender nurturing can be a project, nursing a sick loved one or even a savings scheme! It’s a longer term plan where the results are not immediate.

This time of quiet, steady growth will pass so instead of rushing through life savour every moment. There is something quite beautiful in the stillness that the Empress brings 🙂




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