Tea Leaf Readings

My great auntie Em used to read the tea leaves. I only learned this after her death and from all accounts she was pretty good at it and had a great time giving readings to family members.

Yesterday the book I ordered on tea leaf reading arrived. I’ve only had a quick look through it as time has been very limited the last few days but I’m intrigued. I’m not sure the complete ins and outs on how to swirl the tea etc. but I know you read the shapes that appear in the tea leafs. This reminds me of how I liked to watch clouds and make pictures from them as a child (ok, I still do it!).

Tasseography is the art of reading the tea leaves although it also applies to coffee grounds and wine sediment.  The practice sprang up independently in the Middle East, Asia and ancient Greece and it is thought that it was brought to the UK by gypsies.  The art was adopted mainly by women in families and it was a popular parlour pursuit fot the Victorians.

If you want to give tea leaf reading a go then a good place to start (i.e. it’s free) is to read Tea Cup Reading and Fortune Telling by Tea Leaves by a Highland Seer

It’s a shame that the introduction of tea bags has almost eradicated this art.  I’m fortunate to have some loose tea at home so I’ll be delving into  tea leaf reading soon.  And there’s always some coffee grounds 🙂  I’ll keep you posted on how my first reading goes.




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