Purging the Past

Paul and I moved house in December.  We moved away from the area I grew up in to somewhere completely new.  We don’t know the area and we have no friends or family here.  I’ve left behind my past, a broken family and an ex husband.  Everything here is new.

When we packed our boxes we threw away everything that wasn’t us anymore or had sour memories attached to it.  Both Paul and I gave up things that were precious to us at one time or another.  There were some items that I kept but when I reached my new home I wasn’t sure I wanted them anymore.  I really wanted nothing left with any reminders: a total clean break.

Paul persuaded me to keep some statue elephants (I love elephants) given to me as a birthday gift from my ex mother in law and a set of Russian dollies given to me by my mother on return from a holiday (I had wanted the dollies since I was a little girl).

I’m grateful I listened to Paul as I really do love both the elephants and the Russian dollies.  So the question is – can you really purge the past and, truly, do you ever want to?



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