Witch Stones

Whenever Paul and I are near the beach or by a river we look out for stones with holes through them. We’ve been calling them witch stones as they are meant to ward off evil spirits and witches. Since we’ve moved to Gosport, and been to the beach numerous times, I’m so far losing the witch stone collection competition 3-10 to Paul.

I’ve done a little research on these stones and have found they have a fascinating history.

Mostly they are known as hagstones and it’s considered incredibly lucky to have one in your possession. The stones are often found near running water which has formed the hole through the stone. As running water is said to be exempt from the effects of magick, stones with holes made naturally also keep the protection of the water.

For centuries people have been wearing the stones around their necks as a protection device for themselves. These stones were also hung from cattle stalls or stable doors to protect livestock from evil influences.

Hagstones were thought to stop milk from curdling especially during a thunderstorm when it was believed spiritual activity was high. Some farmers, in parts of Europe, actually milked their cows so that the milk had to flow through a hagstone thus preventing curdling!

As a medical device, hagstones were often placed under a bed to relieve rheumatism cramps. If a hagstone was hung at the end of the bed it was thought that it would stop nightmares and prevent stomach pains associated with hags or witches entering the bedroom at night and jumping on the sleeper’s stomach!!




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