Tarot upside down

I go through stages with reversals. Sometimes I like them and sometimes I don’t.

There are two stages of thought on reversals either they’re the bees knees or they are unnecessary because each card contains an element of positive and negative regardless of which way up the card may be.

When I first became drawn to the Tarot I saw the +- attributes in the card so I read upright with often a negative slant when I felt inclined. Then I read too many Tarot books and listened to other people’s advice about reversals so I began to include them in my readings.

As time has passed and my intuition grown I tend to just let my mind wander in a reading and see what it comes up with.

I often play around with the idea of ‘degrees’ of positive & negative and construct elaborate methods of easily identifying them. I’ve thought about dice, pendulums and even my own Tarot deck and yet I still prefer an upright reading!!

So reversals, just like the rest of Tarot, is a personal thing.

Do you read reversals?