The Universe delivered!!!

The weekend after we lost our dog Paul and I played the Sims2 Pets game and spent a few moments creating a strange little dog on the PS2.  It was a sweet little thing, black and white with curly fur.  A mutt if you ever saw one!  We didn’t bother saving the game and just quit it.  But we both commented on the dog we’d created and how we would like a similar pet in real life.

One week later we went shopping for school shoes for our son and walked past the pet shop.  We looked at each other then stepped inside.  Paul and I looked at the puppies and a couple of Spaniels looked adorable to us.  We enquired but both dogs had a deposit on them.

We took one last look at the puppies and all of a sudden this curly bundle of black and white fur bounced into view.  We hadn’t seen her before and it was as if she just appeared out of nowhere.

We asked about her – she was an older pup, a mixed breed, with all her jabs.

Needless to say she is now called Aine and is at home with us.

She is exactly how we created a dog on the Sims game with the only exception that she is mainly white with black patches and the virtual dog was  mainly black with white patches.

So was this manifesting via Playstation?   I believe so 🙂




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