Halloween Tarot

I decided I wanted the Halloween Tarot several years back.

I ordered it from Amazon and it never came. It was all of a sudden out of stock.

I went into London and went to all the metaphysical shops I know. They were all out of stock too.

Eventually, about a year later, I found a lone Halloween deck tucked on a shelf in a bookshop. And it was mine.

It is basically a Rider Waite clone with all the characters dressed in ghoulish attire. The suits have been appropriately renamed – we have:

  • Imps (wands)
  • Ghosts (cups)
  • Pumpkins (pentacles)
  • Bats (swords)

Halloween TarotIt’s such a fun deck. Kipling West, the creator and artist, makes the whole deck come alive (excuse the pun!). The artwork is cute, the colours bold and not dreary or dark plus the symbolism of Rider Waite is still there.

For those of you who wish Halloween would come more than once a year consider this deck as your next purchase!!