Why can’t I get what I want NOW!!

Hello all,

Lyn and I are back from the last of our holidays until Christmas.  I thought that I would kick today off with a spread that I put together.  It is a chance to let your intuition help you toward that desire.  Use it and let Lyn and I know the results.  We love to hear from people.

It is what I have always wanted! Why can’t I have it?!

Have you ever set your heart on something but couldn’t seem to obtain it no matter how hard you tried? Millions of people experience this all the time. Sometimes the desire is not one that is good for you long-term and you are mercifully saved from greater pain by either unconsciously blocking yourself or being blocked by someone or something else. At other times fear of the future and/or inexperience trips you up and you forsake your dream unnecessarily. This spread can help you determine which situation applies to your quest and gives you some advice on how to proceed if proceeding is the best thing for you

Position 1 – What is the greatest obstacle that stands in the way of my desire? – Consider people and situations when drawing a Minor and internal conflicts with Majors.

Position 2 – What is the best that I can hope for if I make the best of my resources? – this will be a picture of what you can obtain if you strategically use all the resources available to you. If this card reveals a bleak situation then understand the your desire is not in your best interest at this time. Either give up your desire here for your own good or ignore the prophecy and push forward being aware that you are heading for a negative experience. Note that the influence that this card reflects lasts for about six months, so if you have the same desire after that time (most people tend to move on) begin this spread again. Either way, do not finish this spread until there is a positive card in this position. The rest of the spread will be of no avail other wise.

Position 3 – 6 – Who or what can help me? – ponder hard upon these cards for they are the tools available to you at this time. If one or more of the tools turn out to be persons make sure that you do something that benefits them as they help you to obtain your goal.

Position 7-8 – The first two steps to get you started – this is a boost from your subconscious. It will be up to your logical brain to take it from this. After making you aware of these steps your subconscious will return to acting as a monitor in helping to decide if you’re logical brain is making the right decisions.




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  1. […] I took this spread from All About Tarot. I thought it would be useful to have some reasons why I am being prevented from getting back together with my ex. The cards always tell me it is a bad idea, and to move on. They have only brushed on why! […]

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