And the answer is…

I’ve spent the last few nights restless – tossing and turning much to the annoyance of my husband.

Whilst in this turbulent state the answer to my problems came in a dream.

And it is the 3 of Cups

It’s not often I dream of Tarot Cards (even though I dream every night) so I know this has a deep significance for me. So what does it all mean?

The card I saw clearly was from the Robin Wood deck (shown below).

3 of Cups

This picture is one of joy – the ladies are happy, dancing and celebrating.  On a very simplistic level that’s what I need to do.  I’m in a position right now where the feelings that are associated with this card are missing from my life.  I’m stuck, stagnating and my soul is shouting to be free so I can rejoice in the beauty of life.




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