Today I’m blogless

Most days I can prattle away about anything and everything but today I’m blog lost for words.  I’ve been working on my new Tarot correspondence course (which I’ve finished btw) and I feel too tired to blog.

However, help is at hand.  I’ve turned to my trusted Universal Waite deck for inspiration.  This is my deck I used when I was working for a Tarot telephone line – it’s brighter than the Rider Waite but still filled with the symbology and familiarity.  Like an old friend with a new hairdo!

Anyway, my card of inspiration is the Five of Cups.  This is one of those cards which you can instantly identify with when you’re in one of those ‘poor me’ moods.  All you can see is what’s been destroyed or lost from an upheaval, usually of the emotional kind.

Five of Cups

See, the tricky thing with this card is that when these moods hit it is feels impossible to turn around and still see the good things remaining. If you take a look at the card you can see there is a bridge to get home and two perfectly good cups still standing.

As a healer I see clients all the time who can’t bring themselves to look at what they’ve got in life and insist on clinging to the loses of the past.  Life’s too short!  We all take hits but to dwell on them is to miss out of the chance to grow and move up the Tarot ladder to the blissful 10 of Cups.  Remember you’re only a few cards away!





2 Responses

  1. Do you know that in all this time, I never noticed the bridge! 😀 There is a way over the emotions, but of course the figure isn’t looking at it, doesn’t notice it. Just like me…I never noticed it was there.

  2. Whenever I look at the 5 of cups, I get the feeling that the person depicted in the image just kicked the 3 cups over. Perhaps the overturned cups represent negative emotions because the adjustments (symbolic of the number 5) in the “emotional world” are usually a challenge.

    I use to see “regret” with this card but now I ask myself if I am repeating “old emotional tapes” that will result in this regret. Once I recognize the pattern, I proceed to remove the negative emotions linked to these old tapes. Even if it means going through a re-thinking process- that in itself contributes to the change/adjustment.

    I enjoy reading your blog -continued success!

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