Catching up…

Paul and I went away last week (hence lack of blog).

We went camping with friends first at the weekend. We stayed on a working farm in West Sussex. It was my first time camping and I completely caught the camping bug!

We spent Monday purchasing our own camping equipment. Then Tuesday we spent the day in London browsing our favourite bookshops and getting caught up in the bustle of the Capital.

For the remainder of the week, Paul and I travelled to Somerset and stayed in a campsite in Glastonbury. We were only a few fields (and a very big hill) away from Glastonbury Tor. We loved it!

Glastonbury itself was a town we just felt at home in. Book shops, magickal shops and a brilliant atmostphere! I found a second hand Tarot deck – the Symbolon deck – in one of the book shops.

Symbolon Tarot

I’ll post some photos soon!




5 Responses

  1. Is she Temperance? Or the High Priestess? That looks like a scrumptious deck, Lyn! Ohhhh, now see? You’ve enabled my deck lust. 😀

  2. This deck is completely non traditional and is based on astrology. There are no majors or minors – just 78 cards. The card I posted is called Mnemosyne.

    All the cards are equally as beautiful and they have gold edges which just don’t show up on a scanner!!

    Do you collect as well, Sophia?

  3. Well, the collection is on hold at the moment. I decided 20-something was enough for now. 🙂

  4. Lynn,
    I love this deck, and I’m searching for one.. could you tell me where in london have you bought it?!!!

  5. Hi Aline,

    I bought this deck second hand in Glastonbury. I’ve never seen it anywhere else in my travels but I’ve just checked Amazon for you and they have two available. Check out the link and I’d suggest the cheaper one!!!



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