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Lyn and I are currently recovering from our first week of holiday.  We spent some time in London and Glastonbury.  It was hard to return to the day to day routine, though now that I am here I am glad to be at it…lol 

I have received many emails asking which book contains the best meanings for the Tarot cards.  The answer that I usually respond with is quite nontraditional.  Because this is becoming a frequently asked question, I thought perhaps I would write about it a bit here.

In my opinion finding the meaning of the cards ( in any Tarot deck from Rider Waite to the hundreds of modernised ones) is as sacred as finding the deck that responds the best with your individual subconscious.  To accept the meanings of any one person is to limit the expression of your inner self (not all who read are of a magickal order or tradition…so why should we expect the interpretations of these scholars to be the same as everyone elses?).  It is true that your subconscious can learn to speak through the words of others, but how much more edifying it is to allow it to speak through its own.  I have come to this conclusion after years of studying more books, lists, and methodologies for interpretation than I care to remember.  Each one has my respect because each one was well constructed and workable based upon its own principles.  However, none of the authors ever have or ever will  experience the world in the exact same manner as myself.  This means that their words are just that “their words”.  For one to extract all the wonderful information that the Tarot can offer, s/he must name her/his own cards.  Only then will they begin to open doors into the celestial realms.

Do I then discourage the reading of Tarot books.  Not at all!  Read every blessed one that you can lay your hands on.  Experience the world through the eyes of the various authors and if you should find a meaning that speaks to you intertwine it with yours.  Never, however, allow it to become yours fully.  For if you allow it, your subconscious mind will blend the meanings into a rich cocktail that will allow a brilliant expression unique to the world.  And at the end of the day that is exactly what the world needs “unique individuals that can help it to see yet another brilliant aspect of life”.

So when you purchase a deck, name all of your cards first.  Then later on read books.  Mix and match and enjoy the power of being and learning as you become more enlightened using the Tarot as a tool.




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  1. Precisely. This is where tarot journaling can be very helpful. While the commonly (and not so commonly) published meanings give a good start, what an individual reader associates with any given card is the beginning of dialogue between a reader and his/her deck. That dialogue is the key to reading and it is quite a personal conversation between you, the reader, and the particular deck you are using.

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