Spread or no spread

Hello all,

One of the questions that Lyn and I get asked the most frequently is whether it is better to read with spreads or not.   

In answering this, I believe that the following things should be taken into consideration:

  • How long have you been reading the Tarot
  • How much faith you have in your intuition
  • Your personality type
  • Whether you are reading for another or yourself

The length of time that you have been reading is important when considering simply because for most people starting out it is easier to follow structure.  A new reader is usually terrified of making mistakes.  The structure of using a spread helps him/her to feel secure by giving him/her boundaries.

Faith in your intuition is key in doing a reading without a spread.  Many people, including seasoned readers, are afraid to fully trust their ideas that seem to arise from nowhere.  The structure of a spread allows a reader to add an extra safe-guard to his/her interpretation.

Personality type does actually factor in.  If you are a story-teller you are less likely to be intimidated by a series of cards without positional titles.

Who you are reading for should also be considered.  A good reader will always cater to the comforts of the client.  If the client believes spreads to be essentail to a good reading, use a spread whether you personally are drawn to them or not.

Once you consider these things make the choice that seems right to you.  You can always change your mind, or switch back and forth if you like.

Tarot teaches eternal truths, values, and lessons.  It is a timeless gift.  So, in using it, understand that its beauty lies in its flexibility.   Interpret the rules of Tarot in a manner that is right with your soul and the Universe and do not be amazed that different people will interpret this gift very differently.




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