Don’t let the cruel victimise you

Recently a dear student of mine called me absolutely heart broken.  It seems that she was a guest at a psychic fair and had had her esteem shattered by a client who thought it was a fun game to trick her. 

The client came to my friend’s booth and told a very moving story about having a son that had gone off to a foreign country and had found himself being held for ransom.  The client went on to cry and say that she simply did not have the money.  Her question was, “Will my son be all right?”  My friend was moved and agreed to giving the weeping woman a reading.  After it was over the client wiped away the crocodile tears and announced that not only was the whole story a sham, but she did not even have a son.  Of course because the reading took place at a fair a crowd had gathered.  My friend stood there mortified and feeling like a fool.  After the shock passed she closed down her booth and left.

This situation is malicious, but unfortuanately, not uncommon.  Some people are just cruel whilst still others hold the delusional idea that they are helping the world by going on witch hunts (Thank the Universe that these types are in the minority or it would be Salem all over again across the world).  So, how can one deal with a situation like this when and if it should happen?

The first rule is to remain confident in yourself, the Divine, and the connection that you have with Him/Her.  The second is to refuse to be shaken (especially while your tormentor is around).  Look him or her in the face and say something along the lines, “I fully realised what you were doing, so I went along.  I figured that you were wanting to do a show for the people present.  Did you enjoy it?”  Once you have come through the heat of the fire and the person leaves remember to forgive them.  After all it is a tortured individual that would waste his/her time making up imaginary stories in the attempt to discredit you.




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