Talking to myself

Paul and I have two young sons and I often do feel like I’m talking to myself (for example how many times have I said ‘don’t play with doors’ and ‘mind your finger’?? – see previous accident post).

However, yesterday I found myself quite literally talking to myself.

I settled down to do a reading for a client.  I picked up the Fey Tarot deck then decided against it (last week was a Fey week but it didn’t feel right this time!) as I put it back the Hanson-Roberts deck caught my eye.  I hardly ever use this deck –  I don’t know why really as it’s quite charming.
Anyway, for my client, I drew the Four of Pentacles in relation to her work situation.  As usual the card just spoke to me and I gave her sound advice based on this card.

Four of Pentacles

During the reading I was hit quite hard with the feeling that this client was a means for me to follow my own advice.  I’m in a situation like the card where I’m holding on tightly to a work situation even though the universe is prodding me to leave it behind and follow my passion in life.  I’m clinging to my something which really isn’t me – it’s time to be like the Fool and follow my heart’s desire 🙂

I am always amazed at how the Universe lines up the exact thing at the exact time.  I’ve given myself some brilliant advice… sometimes talking to yourself does pay off!!




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