Surf the Light Fantastic

Good morning all,

Today I was speaking with Lyn and she triggered some flashbacks.  I started thinking back to my surfing days and reliving that one of a kind feeling of riding a wave.  To those of you who have not experienced it, let me just say that there is a feeling that combines freedom, humility, and power.  And the inner feelings of that cocktail can leave one feeling quite heady.  Even as I type this in my small warm office in the middle of a suburb, I can feel the sun on my skin, hear the sound of the waves crashing upon the land, and taste the perfect taste of salt.

I began to think how surfing is so much like the way that we could experience life.  Impossible you say?  Perhaps, but somehow in my mind that has been twisted and torqued from years of experience it makes perfect sense.  Perhaps this is because my brain has more scar than tissue these years, or just maybe the gentle Universe has allowed me into a special place. 

If this be the case, I invite you to join me as I prepare to surf the Light Fantastic.  Walk by my side and feel the cool air and the wet sand.  Look at the ultimate wave that at first glance appears absolutely menacing and feel your heart pulsing and pounding with excitement.  You are about to take the greatest ride there is.  True you can only do it once in your current body but the compensations are beauty beyond human speech to describe, an adrenaline flow that makes sky diving feel as a walk in the park, and the possibility of passion that makes the most romantic of novels seem to be paltry descriptions of puppy love.  Can you feel your soul reaching out with ghostly fingers to grasp the picture I paint? 

Now lets paddle out from the land on our boards.  The icy water causes goose flesh and is at points uncomfortable.  But as we keep our eyes on the biggest wave, we hardly notice this fact.

We have come far enough….position yourself in front of the wave.  No! It does not want to swallow you.  It can with great ease, but it is not its desire.  What does it want then?  Wait half a second more and I will explain.  Steady now…..

Here we are mounted on the top of the greatest of waves (otherwise known as the “Universe” or “The Light Fantastic”).  Isn’t it beautiful!  Look at all that lies ahead of us.  Treasures and riches beyond belief.  Now do you understand?  This wave wants us to work with it to achieve all that we dream.  It has power beyond belief to take us where we long to be, and it actually desires to do this.

Be careful to navigate your board well or you might wipe out.  Many do.  Fortunately, the wave reforms after having delivered the good surfers to the shore.  Unfortunately, before it does your wipe out might have caused you to plunge beneath the sea and have banged your head.  I know it hurts….I have done this several times myself.  Get back on your board and crest once again that perfect wave after you have grieved a bit.  Don’t stop riding until you reach the beach (regardless of the number of wipe outs).

Most of all, don’t be someone who watches the surfers with longing in their eyes wondering if they could do it.  Their end unless they are motivated to change is to be drowned as they question possibilities but accept the mundane.

My friends, the surf is up!  Come ride with me on the Light Fantastic!!




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