The combining of the elements

Good Afternoon all,

I am late yet again, but for far less virtuous reasons.  My morning and afternoon were quite swallowed up in a couple of projects.  I was both studying some “new” methods within my therapy fields, and attempting to make use of an ancient computer that has been sitting around my office virtually unused for the last two years.  The first project was bliss and the second a plunge into the fires.

As a therapist/healer/mystic one of the things that interest me the most is how things are formed.  I noted as I broke the “new” procedures down for EFT and NLP that they were new only in name and expression.  When the components were broken down they were simply ancient therapies presented in a slightly different manner and combined with others then given a new name.

Of course, I began to think in terms of the mystical, as I like to swirl my fields together.  And, I came to the realization that this tends to be true of everything across the board.  There is no new magick; it is the same ancient magick that our ancestors practised.  Yet, it too has been re-packaged and shined.  Many types of the ancient arts have been combined to form what appears to be new.

I see this combining as a sort of evolution.  Each age rearranges the old in a manner that makes sense in that particular age.

So, we should continue to be alchemists and combine the elements, but we should also humbly realise that we are an extension of the past and are but taking ancient knowledge and packaging it in a manner that flows with our own time.




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