2 of Pentacles, The Hanged Man & 9 of Wands

If I had to write about the last 24 hours with using only three Tarot cards then I can sum it up quite nicely with the above.

My son Daniel shut his finger in a door and lost the finger nail and tip.  As this was a Sunday afternoon we had planned to play games, go to the park and cook as a family. 

Drum roll for card number one…… 2 of Pentacles.  Everything up in the air and plans needed to be redrawn as a trip to hospital was needed.

A visit to A&E is never the most pleasant of experiences so I tried my best to have a serene expression of patience like the Hanged Man.  There was a lot of waiting and hanging around. 

Eventually the doctor decided that as no bones were broken he could do no more than refer us to another hospital with a specialist in plastic surgery.  We had an appointment for 10.30 this morning.  More waiting.

The specialist was running late for our appointment by 1 and a half hours so we had to sit in A&E again waiting for our time to come up.  We saw him and he sent Daniel for another x-ray….then we saw the doctor again.

Luckily Daniel didn’t need to have an operation as it will heal on it’s own minus the finger nail.  So he’s bandaged and a little dented like the 9 of Wands but lives to fight on another day (and hopefully he’s wiser about messing around with doors with his brother!!).



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