2 of Pentacles, The Hanged Man & 9 of Wands

If I had to write about the last 24 hours with using only three Tarot cards then I can sum it up quite nicely with the above.

My son Daniel shut his finger in a door and lost the finger nail and tip.  As this was a Sunday afternoon we had planned to play games, go to the park and cook as a family. 

Drum roll for card number one…… 2 of Pentacles.  Everything up in the air and plans needed to be redrawn as a trip to hospital was needed.

A visit to A&E is never the most pleasant of experiences so I tried my best to have a serene expression of patience like the Hanged Man.  There was a lot of waiting and hanging around. 

Eventually the doctor decided that as no bones were broken he could do no more than refer us to another hospital with a specialist in plastic surgery.  We had an appointment for 10.30 this morning.  More waiting.

The specialist was running late for our appointment by 1 and a half hours so we had to sit in A&E again waiting for our time to come up.  We saw him and he sent Daniel for another x-ray….then we saw the doctor again.

Luckily Daniel didn’t need to have an operation as it will heal on it’s own minus the finger nail.  So he’s bandaged and a little dented like the 9 of Wands but lives to fight on another day (and hopefully he’s wiser about messing around with doors with his brother!!).



Why should I pay a Reader

Hello all,

While sitting with my son in the A&E wing of the hospital, I was looking back and considering what various people have said and this topic came to mind. 

Along the mystical path that I walk, I have encountered many points of view.  Some of them are enlightened and blessings to hear while others are not so.  One that always makes me a bit sad is the one that insists that readers and healers should give their skills absolutely free.  The reasoning goes that the gifts come from the Divine freely and so they should be given freely. 

In a world where money is not needed in order to survive, I would have to agree (though I would not limit it to healers and readers).  I would say that everyone should give all their skills freely.  In that manner everyone would benefit from everyone.  There would be no worries about food, lodgings, medical care, etc.  However, this is not the idealistic world that we live in.  Healers and Readers have the same need to support their families as doctors, lawyers, and builders.  Strangely, we would not expect these professions to perform their services for free.  Do we have these high expectations for these professions because we acknowledge them as enlightened?  Yet, at the end of the day, even enlightened people must eat and pay bills.

Don’t misunderstand what I have said above.  I think that all professions have a duty to their fellow man and the Earth, and with that duty they should do a fair amount of charity work.  But, readers and healers have the same demands as all other professions on their lives, so why should more be expected of them?

To a person that has a good heart I would suggest this.  If you truly do not have the money to pay a healer or reader, offer them a useful service that will benefit them in return for their craft.  Most healers and readers I know will not turn down a fair trade of services.