Sit back and wait

I remember several years ago I did a reading for a lady who was disappointed because she’d been to a medium and had been promised wonderful, wonderful things for the autumn and nothing had happened.  She came to me because she no longer believed what the medium had told her and was looking for reassurance.

I laid out the cards and they showed a very promising future.  In fact, I backed up what the medium had told her… brilliant things ahead.

And yet she became argumentative and rude to me because I mentioned that she would have to put in some effort to get the rewards.  She didn’t want to hear that for her to improve her life she would have to work for it.  If she’d followed my advice then she would have everything promised in the cards by now.  Instead, I expect she is still waiting for the changes to happen all by themselves and feeling frustrated that her life is stagnating.

The Tarot is a wonderful tool for pointing you in the right direction through life – you can see the sign posts and walk a magnificent path.  It can aid you in making right decisions and help you to see pitfalls before you actually reach them.

But to reap the rewards of a Tarot reading you have to be prepared to listen to the wisdom given and follow it.  If you choose to ignore the advice and just trot from reader to reader searching for an easier answer then you have to be prepared not to live life to the full.

So remember, a fantastic life is their waiting for you but to make it happen it’s down to you 🙂


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