Fool, Rebel, or Conqueror?

Good morning everyone,

I am in my office finishing up records and preparing for the week end.  I do not know if any of you have been counting, but this week had at least fifty days to it=)  I am truly drained.

I wanted to dedicate my last few swimming thoughts to my personal hero “The Fool”.

He is depicted in the Rider Waite deck as an androgynous character keeping his/her eyes skyward and heading straight for a drop that will leave him/her beyond recognition.  The response from most people at this point would tend to be along the lines of, “Oh my God…don’t do it man/woman (boy girl?….lol) !!  You’ll kill yourself!!”  And if this person did not respond and walked off the cliff they would say “What an idiot!!!  He was either too stupid or too rebellious for his own good!!”

Though the above reaction makes sense if you apply a strictly logical analysis to the situation.  This morning I would like to challenge you to focus your logic in another direction.  What do you suppose would happen to our young person if he never jumped?  “He would be alive and whole”, you might say.  I agree that he/she indeed would be guaranteed life (though the length of it would still be unknown); but would it truly be whole?  An unbroken body does not guarantee true wholeness. 

My point in this is that if we commit 100% of self to our dream two things are guaranteed: 

  1. An adventure which holds no promises begins (if we do not plummet to our deaths we will learn as we go along).
  2. Most people will see us as a rebel or fool

We will never learn the truth about ourselves or our dreams unless we jump.  It is therefore my belief that once our feet leave the security of the ground and we defy all the laws we become conquerors (if only for a brief second).  Isn’t better to live as a shooting star than a stagnant always wondering at what you could have done soul?



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