Angry and Argumentative are we?

Good morning all,

As a well seasoned Tarot reader I have come upon clients that love to argue about everything (from the clothes I wear to the interpretations of the cards).  I find them to be quite amusing now and I have fun parrying with them until they either relax or go off in a huff (this is very rare because even an ill tempered client wants help or s/he would not be sitting in front of you). 

So today I would like to share some thoughts on how to professionally and diplomatically deal with an argumentative soul.

  1. Remember the client is hurting or s/he would not be so wound up.  In 99.8% of cases hurt will quickly turn to anger because it is difficult for the client to admit to the internal pain (it makes him/her feel weak).
  2. Concentrate on getting them to open up so you can effectively work with the source of the pain rather than upon their often crude language.
  3. Keep a smile on your face, a relaxed stance, and an interested gleam in your eye (remember that 55% of our communication is judged by facial expression and body posture).
  4. Keep the tone of your voice mellow and caring (this is 37% of how your communication is received).
  5. Finally, attempt to match and respond with the type of words that the client uses (visual, auditory, or kinaesthetic).  This is only 7% of how your communication is viewed, but it can be an impressive 7% if you have applied the above as well).

As with all effective formulas, it must be practised and perfected in the soul of each practitioner before you gain outstanding percentages.  However, you will be amazed at how well this one works even the first time.



Death…. oh no, not again!

I can hear people such in a deep breath and look mortified whenever the Death card appears in a spread.  Then the panic sets in and the question ‘am I going to die’ springs to their lips.

The media has not helped the hysteria surrounding this card and I believe it is partly why people are scared of the Tarot.  As a Tarot Reader, it’s important that I set the facts straight with my clients.

Ok, first Death can mean death.  It’s inevitable and will happen to each and everyone of us someday.  However, that is the most extreme meaning and looking at it from a logical perspective, it is not very likely that it does foretell the Grim Reaper’s visit.

The Death card indicates a change.  A change which is coming whether you like it or not but not in the drastic, stressful way that the Tower predicts.

Change is something that scares the living daylights (no pun intended) out of most people but when they can look back with hindsight at the period in their life when the change occured they can see it happended for a reason and the change brought new rewards.

So, next time the Death card comes up in your reading, don’t go into a panic.  Ask yourself what areas of your life need changing (or are changing) and how you can benefit  from the different circumstances it will bring about.

Remember, Death doesn’t have to be grim 😉