Why do I need you?

Good morning all from the strangely sultry land that I hardly recognise as England,

I am sitting in my sweltering office dreaming, believe it or not, of clouds and fresh torrents of rain.

Today’s thought came from years of people asking me this question on many levels (children turning into young adults, clients, employers, and the list goes on). 

To this point I have always thought of a contextual answer, but this morning as I thought about it this question took on a cosmic vibration.  Why am I needed now in this place and this time (whatever your definition for this is) and for that matter why are you?

We are needed because collectively we are a body created to experience and give back to the Universe.  Each one of us, whether we choose to accept the mission or not, has a part to play to this end.  Every life is vital and important.  It does not matter whether most of the body feels your part is insignificant.  Without you and me there is no future. That is why I need you and you need me. 

So, next time someone asks you, “Why do I need you?” don’t answer in context let them know the complete reason=)