Relationship not tools

Hello all,

Lyn and I are back from a lovely weekend in Salisbury.  We spent Sunday exploring the chapel there.  I have been several times, but the place is so beautiful that I cannot stay away from it.

Today I wanted to share a few words on divination tools.  I am quite often amused to hear someone saying that one tool is better than another when it comes to the art of divination.  Though I would expect this kind of cod swallop from unethical salespeople that want to sell their product, I would expect better from people that are actually ethical practitioners of the ancient art.  Unfortunately, it appears that a good number of very sincere practitioners innocently believe what they have been told by either unethical or truly ignorant individuals.

The truth is that one tool is not better than another.  Divination depends on the relationship of the questioner with the Divine.  If no relationship exists then the predictions are poor.  It is honestly that simple.  Let me stress this point again:  whether you use a practitioner of the ancient arts to divine for you or you do so for yourself, the information that is revealed will only be reliable if there is a relationship with the Divine.

So choose the tool that jives with you personally (whether that is because of culture, beauty, beliefs….etc) and after being sure that there is a link with the Divine learn the mysteries that S/he will reveal.