More thoughts on “I am”

Good morning all,

 I have some more thoughts on what I only had the chance to touch on the other day.  When I shared with Lyn that I was going to write a continuation of yesterdays piece, she gave me a very Cheshire grin and asked me if I would call it “I Am Again”.  Now is that support or what?

 While I was catching a spreckle of telly to unwind by the other day I caught a commercial where all of these different ladies are coming out in various looks and saying, “I am….”.  They filled in the end of the sentence with various words.  I never pay any attention to commercials and I only got the “I am” part to this one.  So please note that I am not endorsing the product=)  I am still clueless to what it was.  My hats off to the writers though…they took the greatest concept in this existence and ran with it.

I implore you to look in the mirror each day and say, “I am…..” (fill in the space with a positive fact about yourself) then watch how it will resonate throughout your entire being and affect your day.  Master this art and you will become a true magician.  You will find that circumstances will play to your expectations because you know who you are.