I am

I was raised by parents who taught me that I could do anything I wanted to.  I simply accepted and internalised this teaching.  And because I believed it, it was so.  I never lacked confidence and I always seemed to land on my feet, that is until someone very close to me in my early twenties told me that I was fooling myself.  And because this person was so close and meant so much to me, I believed her.

The amazing thing was my life did a complete ‘360’ turn.  My confidence vanished, I questioned my dreams, and it always seemed I got the worse end of any situation.  I became depressed.

My life continued in this manner until one day, five years later, I had enough.  Something had to give;  life like this was simply not acceptable.

I began a journey into myself to attempt to rediscover what I had lost.  The answer might be obvious to you, but it was not to me at the time.  I had given my power to another.  What I had lost was my faith.

At first I was angry at myself for being weak, but now I see my mistake was a common one.  In my search for acceptance from a loved one, I forgot that an individual need only be accepted by self and the Divine  to soar.  Anyone who causes disruption in this union is a person that one would do better to stay away from.  They are a power thief that will only bring you down.

Remember always these two word; I AM.  Say them when you are tempted to give your power to someone when your emotions have taken over.  Be uniquely you!  Thrive and radiate love.



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