Supermarket psychics

There was a review in one of the national papers this week on the Psychic Sisters of Selfridges. Apparently you can now get a reading done as you shop for your cosmetics, clothings and other posh things in Selfridges.

What does this leap in commercialism mean to us non-Oxford Street psychics I wonder?

I think I’m pleased!

It’s about time that people with genuine psychic gifts get their chance to bring openess and understanding to an art which has been over stereotyped as the cringeworthy gypsy fortune teller with a crystal ball and head dress. Strangely enough, modern day psychics are modern day people.

Yet on the other hand…

If shops are going to be having psychic centres for drop in clients, then it pushes the smaller (and dare I say perhaps more accurate) psychics into the postion of either joining the shopping revolution or missing out on helping others and paying the bills.

Also, you have to ask yourself how much energy can one person put into a reading when they are fully booked in a busy, hot store. Where’s the personal touch in that?

So I remain divided and sit back to watch with interest at the high street psychic shopping.


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