I’ve missed the magick…

I have always considered myself unlucky with plants (and goldfish for that matter) and I would moan, groan and cringe when someone brought up the subject of gardening. Don’t get me wrong here, I love plants and flowers. I really do.  I just considered it boring – I liked the end result but didn’t care much for the effort of gardening.

This year, that has all changed for me.

For the first time I planted some bedding plants and with my husband we water the plants daily (well, ok, its’ mainly my husband).  I have squealed with childish glee at seeing them bloom and have great sorrow at my Sweet Williams which are yet to bud.

The real magick has been a gift.  I’ve been blessed with people giving me plants.  A gardener has given me miniture orange trees which he has grown himself. When I looked at the tiny plants in their pots, I finally got it.  I understood what gardening was all about.

It’s not about beautiful lawns and immaculate gardens.  The gift is nurturing, love and making the world a better place 🙂


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