I do not have the time

Good morning all,

Today my ramblings are on time. 

How often have you had a person say that they cannot do “x” because they do not have the time?  We as a society have learned to accept this sort of statement without giving it a second thought.  I contend today that accepting this statement at face value is  just another way for us to avoid the things that we do not wish to do (either on a conscious or an unconscious level).

Think of it like this.  There is no definition for any unit of time.  If the sun did not rise and set each day and our bodies did not demand food, water, and rest, we would have nothing to begin to measure the units that we identify as time.  Someone at some point created the units that we live by every single second.

I am not trying to be confusing.  The point I am trying to make is: if time standards can be created by man, then they can also be destroyed and re-created to encompass all that each man desires.  Therefore we must be honest and answer, “I choose not to do “x” because it is not important to me for whatever reason (usually this tends to be because something else holds priority) rather than “I do not have the time”.

So next time you feel this statement try to glibly slide from your mouth, ask yourself why you do not wish to do whatever it is.  Of course this is not for the faint of heart, because it will force you to take a realistic look at yourself and realise that both time and life (another generalised concept) is what you make it with each decision (small or great).



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