The Da Vinci Difference

Good morning all,

 I spent the first part of the morning reviewing the Da Vinci Tarot.  It is a fascinating deck on many levels.  Stop by my site if you have the time and check out my review.

Today I have my sons home with me because the school they attend elected to make the day a play day due to the heat.  I felt it a grand waste of time for the boys to go and sit in an institution and not have their brains stimulated in the least.

While doing the review that I mentioned above, I began to speculate not only on Da Vinci but men and women like him that are way ahead of their time.  I had to stop and thank the Universe for these indescribable personalities that have given us so many rich blessings. 

Then I thought, each of us should be in this class.  After all each of us is unique and can offer a wealth of diversity of healing to the world as a whole.  At this point I began to consider what is the difference between your average Joe and people that shine.  And to my own humility I came to the bottom line that we do not dare to accept our dreams little lone live passionately for them.  Isn’t it ironic that we live in one of the greatest technological ages and yet we seem less able to envision a better future?

Let’s endeavor to find our dreams, believe in the reality they reveal, and live for them passionately.