Can you really have too much?

My husband and I are not only Tarot readers but we’ve also been hit with the collecting bug.  I believe we have around 65 Tarot decks plus probably 40 or so oracle decks.  Currently we are waiting for the Da Vinci Enigma Tarot to arrive in the post.

So should you stop collecting when you reach a certain number?  Should you stop when you find the ‘one’ (that perfect deck)?  Or should you never collect at all?

Even though I have so many decks to choose from I find myself drawn time and time again to certain decks.  I love my Universal Rider Waite as a good standard deck for anything.  The Pagan Tarot, I use when I want to have modern day images to work with my intuition.  When I work on missing persons or object cases I usually reach for the Witches Tarot.  When I work with my husband on family issues we use either Robin Wood or the DruidCraft.  And when I want a giggle I pull out the Halloween deck.

Since I began collecting I’ve been on a quest for the perfect deck.  I thought I’d found it several times but there is always something that doesn’t keep me satisfied for long and I’m off again looking for ‘the one’.  I know I’m not going to find it until I create my very own deck (and even then who’s to say I won’t want to improve it lol).

I can’t stop collecting Tarot decks even if some of them stay hidden at the bottom of boxes.  There is something about each one I own that draws me in some way – usually the artwork.

I know I can never own just one deck and I know I’m never going to be cured of this card obsession.  And honestly, I like it like that 🙂



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