Yellow T-Shirts

How hard can it be to find yellow t-shirts for boys? I can tell you that it’s almost impossible.

As another school year comes to an end and the dreaded sports day arrives, I have not one but two sons in the yellow team. Last year I was fortunate to have sons in the white and yellow teams (no problem with the white t-shire btw).

So what to do?

The answer is simply tumeric, a bucket of water and a lot of luck. Last year I couldn’t find a dye so I had a last minute panic and turned to my spice cupboard. Knowing tumeric stains the kitchen sink excellently, I did a quick home dye job.

Have to say the results were not too bad – definitely yellow but a little patchy where I left them in the sun to dry. Plus they had that spicy aroma which you just can’t find in shop bought yellow shirts!


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